The Friends of St Ninian’s Church

Our Society of Friends was founded to promote the Christian faith in Whitby and to help the Church and her mission. The Societies members raise funds for the Church where they are needed, to contribute towards its mission and to ensure its future as a beacon of the Traditional faith here in the North of England. The principal aims of the Friends are to financially and socially support the Church and its community. The Society arranges fundraising events every year in order to achieve these purposes. The Society enjoys liturgical and social events and participation in these is a great way of getting to know people who love Whitby and this Church. There is much work to be done to sustain the Church, and, to ensure it will be here for future generations. Our Society recognises the importance of this Church as a place of prayer and peace, and its importance to pilgrims and parishioners as a source of hope and forgiveness. The Friends exist to preserve the Church as an historical treasure, and a focal point for the community.

How does the Society operate?

The Society is managed by the Trustees. The Friends Secretary acts as the operational centre of the Friends Friends Events when possible include
  • Talks by eminent Speakers
  • Quiz Evenings
  • Dinners
  • Candlelit Concerts
  • Christmas receptions and tea parties
  • Visits to historic and religious sites
  • Quiet Days of Recollection
  • Receptions after major Church events

BECOME A FRIEND If you would like to become a friend of St Ninian's Church then please do contact us via the details on the contact page and we will send you the details for you to join our band of supporters. If you simply wish to support us by a donation then please click on the donate page, which will guide you through. May God Bless you and please keep us in your prayers.   + Philip-James OSB  Lindisfarna